SuperFood And Smoothie was established to cater to all health enthusiasts. It was created by one of the company’s founder. She is fascinated and passionate of making healthy food and beverages. She wants to offer food, dessert or drinks, and not feeling guilty of the calories consumed. It all came out from scratch. Preparing healthy and nutritional meals became a routine.

SuperFood and Smoothie was created from our dedication in providing healthy food and beverages to all weight-watchers, health enthusiasts and healthy food consumers. SuperFood and Smoothie is committed in providing a variety of healthy sweet treats, superfood meals and beverages.

The most preferred easy-to-grab smoothie bowl.



SuperFood & Smoothie bowl shop in JB that offers healthy and nutritional smoothie bowl meals for vegans & healthy food consumers, fruit smoothies for weight-watchers, protein smoothies for gym enthusiasts, and superfood desserts for dessert lovers!

About Superfood & Smoothie

Superfood & Smoothie Logo

Coconut Leaves

Represents the diverse target market and all healthy eaters like weightwatchers, vegans, protein lovers.

Coconut water is one of our main ingredient.

Freshly Cut Fruits

Signifies the credibility of the company. We serve food and drinks with healthy and nutritional ingredients.

White Bowl

Embodies the strong foundation of SuperFood and Smoothies.